Web Development

Working remotely from my home office in suburban Minneapolis, MN, I partnered with designers and agencies to provide front-end web development and Craft CMS integration.


I'm happy to help out with maintenance as needed for existing clients - please reach out at 612-845-9880 or nick@ottergoose.com. Otherwise I'm devoting my time to developing my JetTip project.


Self-employed and well-versed in many forms of geekery, I've been writing HTML for over 25 years. A proponent of content strategy and outstanding user experience, I groove on all things well-designed.

Most of my day to day work was spent on the front-end (HTML5/CSS3/jQuery) and CMS implementation (new projects with Craft CMS / legacy support of ExpressionEngine), but I understand relational databases, know my way around WHM/cPanel, can wrangle mod_rewrite, have authored many a primitive CRUD in the LAMP stack, setup a few droplets on DigitalOcean, worked extensively with FlightAware, Flickr, and Twilio's APIs, yadda yadda yadda.

I was born in Minneapolis, grew up in Northfield, MN, and dreamt about becoming a meteorologist at the University of Oklahoma. After the mathematical demands of junior year atmospheric physics proved insurmountable, I ended up graduating with a BS in Geography. Having been employed more or less as a student web developer for my entire time at OU, I started full time when I graduated and moved back to the Upper Midwest in 2008. After five years in a small web development shop and the birth of Kid 2, I jumped into the world of self-employment and have been doing that ever since.

Employment History

Ottergoose, Inc.

Web Developer

July 2013 - Present; Burnsville, MN

Built new websites with Craft CMS; supported old ones built with ExpressionEngine. Shifted to flight tracking services as web development work shifted to other platforms.


Front-end Web Developer

February 2008 - July 2013; Woodbury, MN

Collaborate with designers and clients to build websites powered by ExpressionEngine.

Center for Spatial Analysis

Undergraduate Research Assistant

February 2006 - April 2008; Norman, OK

Develop web platforms for analyzing location suitability of surface weather observation systems and another for anglers to report notable sports fish catches.

National Severe Storms Laboratory

Undergraduate Research Assistant

May 2005 - April 2008; Norman, OK

Process global climate model data for scientific analysis of severe weather climatology in the United States.

University of Oklahoma Libraries

Student Microcomputer Assistant

October 2003 - May 2005; Norman, OK

Build a CMS for librarians; learn a lot about web development from really smart people.